Bring Your Designs to Life

Create high-impact visuals for your stakeholders. Enliven your models with cinematic-quality visualizations integrated seamlessly with your workflows.

High-impact Visuals without Graphics Expertise

Integrate life-like digital nature into your simulated infrastructure designs from CAD/BIM files

•Integrate with CAD, GIS, and BIM Workflows
Easily create LumenRT scenes from MicroStation, Autodesk Revit, and Trimble SketchUp with synchronization workflows
• Create High-fidelity Infrastructure Images and Videos
Produce natural-looking light and shadows even with elements in motion such as simulated traffic, moving people, and seasonal nature elements.
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• Share Your Creations

Incorporate Digital Nature

• Populate models with animated trees and shrubs that are responsive to wind and seasons
• Apply water materials with realistic caustics, including lakes, ponds, and pools
• Sculpt beautiful terrain formations with rich materials and animated grass ground covers
• Create your own custom plants and import them from Plant Factory
• Generate high resolution 3D skies with a variety of realistic atmospheric effects such as fog and haze
• Add an infinite ocean and seaplane to the scene with adjustable agitation and speed properties
• Easily switch from night to day with a single click. Enjoy moonlit skies with twinkling stars

Render Cinematic Quality in Real Time

• Accurately render interaction between natural day and night light with rich atmospheric volume
• Apply IES point and spotlights
• Use point and spotlights that are fully adjustable with IES lighting profiles
• Efficiently render both extremely bright and dark areas without loss of detail
• Easily select and adjust luminosity, brightness and contrast of all materials
• Create custom materials and save them in your own material library
• Create natural ambient shadows for all objects in your scene
• Organize your lights into groups for easy on/off and automatic toggle settings
• Use high-performance anti-aliasing and motion blur for exceptional clarity and realism
• Set advanced material rendering options such as bump maps, specular highlights, reflections, and transparency control
• Perform light and shadow studies with LumenRT’s adjustable sun, accurately set using NREL’s solar positioning algorithms
• Apply anamorphic streaks and lens flares that are fully adjustable for sunlight and artificial lights
• Set camera focal distance to create eye-pleasing depth of field effects

Animate Models

• Populate scenes from extensive libraries of animated people and animals
• Choose from libraries of indoor and outdoor objects like light fixtures, furniture, fences, and background buildings
• Animate moving vehicles including articulated trains and trucks
• Easily create animated multi-lane traffic
• Paint collections of any object type such as trees, vehicle, and characters
• Define custom animation paths
• Automatically reposition objects to match terrain

Integrate with BIM, CAD, and Geospatial Workflows

• Enjoy API integration with MicroStation, Autodesk Revit, Esri CityEngine, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, and Trimble SketchUp
• Ensure source CAD/geospatial model changes are intelligently merged into the LiveCube while preserving existing scene geometry and edits
• Add section planes to dynamically create cross-sections views of the entire scene
• Import objects using industry standard 3D formats (OBJ, DAE, FBX)
• Export geometries, materials, LumenRT proxies, lights, cameras, layers, and BIM information
• Create vast scenes in high definition without losing quality or increasing rendering time
• Switch layers on or off to expose various parts of the scene
• Use low-definition plants, vehicles, and characters, which can be placed in the source CAD/GIS system file and converted automatically to high-definition objects in LumenRT.
• Import MicroStation traffic and VISSIM simulations
• View and navigate BIM attributes and leverage for labeling and annotation

Share Your Creations

• Easily share your projects with real-time LiveCube environments that can be packaged into self-contained executables and run independently on any computer or streamed across the Web
• Easily create smooth animation paths directly inside LiveCube and preview them in real-time
• Composite videos and images together for professional looking results
• Navigate your 3D photorealistic environments in real time through LumenRT’s walk-through and fly-through modes